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I’m an ordinary teacher who teaches English at  SMPN 1 Majalengka – West Java.  There’s not any achievements I made as a teacher, but I hope  someday  my students will be better than me and they can make great achievements in the future.


13 respons untuk ‘_About Me

    M Mursyid PW said:
    Februari 17, 2012 pukul 9:13 pm

    Move on, Sir.

    emanrahman25 said:
    Februari 16, 2012 pukul 2:08 pm

    would you help me to guide making the report of bermutu ? I still confuse if I have do it myself. May you give me the result of your report! please………

      mamansherman responded:
      Februari 17, 2012 pukul 8:26 pm

      Oke, we can discuss it at SMP 3 Majalengka next Tuesday

    BorisadzieSinagapetir Hope'Eternal Sang SagitaRiusz said:
    November 29, 2011 pukul 8:03 pm

    sir this is adzie 9h

      mufti abdillah said:
      November 30, 2011 pukul 9:25 pm

      ehmm,.. sir this is me mufti,… 9H

        Maman Suherman responded:
        November 30, 2011 pukul 10:06 pm

        thanks for your visiting to my blog

    kodir said:
    Oktober 19, 2011 pukul 9:10 pm

    mohon bantuan sobat !!!!! apa arti nikce know, should know, must know triiiiimmmm atas bantuannya

      mamansherman responded:
      Oktober 21, 2011 pukul 2:49 pm

      Ini adalah klasifikasi pada TNA :
      Nice to know = Ada baiknya diketahui
      Should know = Sebaiknya diketahui
      Must know = harus diketahui

    kodir said:
    Oktober 19, 2011 pukul 9:07 pm

    karya cerdas anak bangsa bravo…………………… trus lanjutkan !!!!!!!!

    rudy hariawan said:
    Mei 22, 2011 pukul 4:48 pm

    halo mr.suherman.nice to know you in your blog.I am an English too.I lived in Jember-East Java.I really need information of English teaching.
    sincerely yours.

    gelarthedentist said:
    Maret 23, 2011 pukul 12:39 am

    Damang pa? masih emut ka abdi? hehe

    Edi Salim Chaniago said:
    Agustus 12, 2010 pukul 2:18 pm

    Halo Mr. Suherman. Nice to know you in your blog. I am English teacher as you too. I am teaching at SMP 6 Kejuruan Muda, Aceh Tamiang NAD. Since I am teaching in urban area, I really need your information in terms of teaching English from preparation up to evaluation. It will be my pleasure if you are desire to share your knowledge to me.
    Sincerely yours,

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